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Hair Transplantation Analysis

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Hair Analysis

We also use a new hair analyzer in our clinic, which is used in the known hair transplantation centers in the world. In our center, we provide detailed hair analysis report prepared by specialists working on hair to increase your information about your hair. Our specialists provide you with an appropriate treatment by determining the problems of your hair with hair analysis and planning your hair treatment and reporting the positive results of the treatments realistically.


The hair and scalp are reflected on the screen through high-magnification lenses. It is used to determine the type of problem by comparing it with other scalp problems in the "data bank". It also offers you the opportunity to evaluate the improvements in your hair and scalp after the treatments applied by comparing with your old photos.


Used for counting the number of hair per square centimeter. Single, double and triple follicular units are marked on the image reflected on the screen at high magnification. The system calculates the number of follicular unit and hair per square centimeter. This measurement ensures precise and objective determination of the number of hair in the donor area and in the area of transplantation before hair transplantation. At the same time, it provides information about the level of the healing after the treatments applied by comparing with previous findings.

Sebum Rate:

The band measuring the sebum rate of the skin is applied via an applicator on the skin. After being held for a certain period of time, it is placed on the screen and measures the amount of oil. This system also gives us a measure applied to determine the effectiveness of the treatment used and the effect of the shampoos.


The hair samples taken from 4 different regions of the head skin are reflected on the screen by putting them in front of the video camera. The hair growth phases (anagen, catagen, telogen) of these hair samples taken are determined. The system automatically gives us anagen/telogen ratios. This measurement again helps us quantify the effectiveness of the treatment.


Helps in the scientific determination of the hair growth phase. After a half-centimeter square area is shaved, a photo is taken from that region. After 3 days, another photo taken from the same region is placed on top of the other photo to determine the anagen / telogen ratio. Gives information about the rate of hair extension and the rate of hair that is growing. Another advantage provided by this system is that you can take your picture with a video camera. This is an important data in terms of assessing the results in later developments. Furthermore, the size of the area that is shed can be determined in square centimeters with a special program. In this way, you can determine the number of grafts you need, the number of grafts that can be taken and how many sessions are required.

All these analyzes, photographs, recommended treatment and care recommendations are recorded on the patient's page, thus allowing comparison for future visits for control.

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