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Maga HairTrans is an organization providing service only on Hair Transplantation for 23 years from 1995 to date in Turkey. It is one of the very first pioneers in health tourism that has brought Hair Transplantation patients to Turkey from abroad and that has made Hair Transplantation a sector in Turkey. It organizes Turkish people and foreigners to visit Turkey for Hair Transplantation, and gain trust in health sector with Hair Transplantation and contribute to Health Tourism. The Vision and Mission of Mega Hairtrans is to provide a complete service that meets all the needs of the people coming to Turkey from abroad for Hair Transplantation.

Maga HairTrans provides Hair Transplantation service with scientific and technical superiority. With Hair Transplantation Organization, it aims the happiness of patients by combining Hair Transplantation with a holiday concept and offering comfort. 

It is an organization that acts rigorously and with awareness of legal liability in respect of Doctor, Hospital and Healthcare Personnel. 

Hair Transplantation ationis an art that combines Health and Aesthetics. To perform this art, it has a structure that meets all the needs of the people who have hair loss problem and that offers service including all the cares about the hair and that works person-oriented for customer satisfaction with customized price policy.

Mega Hairtrans has adopted a vision and mission to ensure that Turkey is in the lead in the world in respect of Hair Transplantation by following the developments in European countries, the United States and Canada and sharing Information and Techniques. 

The founder of Mega Hairtrans is Gülten Ünveren. She is currently working as General Director at Mega Hairtrans.

For more detailed information, hair analysis and special information, you can get information from Gülten Ünveren. Best regards,


Mega Pro Plus DHI Organic Hair Transplant

With PRO DHI Pens specially produced in Switzerland, we plant Organic Hair Cells with DHI Technique to provide a natural appearance.

As Megahairtrans, we use Mega Pro Plus DHI Organic Hair Transplant technology in 2021. To explain this, we support the infrastructure of our work with FUE and implement it by using the Choi pens. We plant with Choi pens and DHI in two sections with the upper structure of the application whose infrastructure is FUE and we call Direct Hair Implanter. FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) technique has been applied for many years, for an average of 15 years, as a technique for removing tissues from the nape region. FUE is a hair tissue collection technique. Hair tissues are collected with the FUE technique. It is not possible to implement the DHI technique without FUE. The technique of implanting the collected tissues under the skin is the application of injecting it with DHI (Choi Pens) without opening any grooves.

Mega Pro Plus DHI Organic Hair Transplantation has more advantages than the grooving techniques.

Here are the Advantages of Mega Pro Plus DHI Organic Hair Transplantation;

1- Our first advantage is that areas which already has hair be transplanted with new hair and that there is no need for shaving.

2- It can be applied on very small and very large areas without hair.

3- It is very advantageous for women, since no haircut is required.

4- Since no haircut is required, it is possible to return to social life immediately.

5- With Mega Pro Plus DHI Organic Hair Transplantation applied by Mega Hairtrans, transplantation can be done with any number of tissue pieces requested.

6- With the Mega Pro Plus DHI Organic Hair Transplant technique, 5000 tissue piece transplantation in the FUE channel opening system can be performed.

7- With Mega Pro Plus DHI Organic Hair Transplantation in 1 Session, when 5000 tissue pieces are transplanted, moderate hair openings can be covered.

8- There is no bleeding since there is no grooving.

9- There is no swelling since there is no bleeding.

10- There is no feeling of pain. You can return to work quickly with easy recovery.

11- You can swim in the sea or the pool just two days after the operation.

12- Haircare is easy. There is only slight crusting.

13- The care performed in 15 days in the FUE canal system can be completed with Mega Pro Plus DHI Organic Hair Transplantation in just 3 days.

14- Since organic tissues are transplanted with fat cells, there is very little hair loss after the operation. Hair Loss is minimized.

15- There is no scar since there is no trauma to the skin. It is not possible to discern a hair implantation was done. It gives a natural look.

We, as Megahairtrans, support your hair care with vitamins. We strengthen your hair by applying PRP in every hair transplant. With both technically and with applications after Hair Transplantation we are starting a new era in hair transplantation by applying our Mega Pro Plus DHI Organic Hair Transplantation technique, which is the cutting edge technology in hair transplantation. This technique has emerged as the success of our 25 years of hair transplant experience and the professional training we received in Switzerland.

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