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With PRO DHI Pens specially produced in Switzerland, we plant Organic Hair Cells with DHI Technique to provide a natural appearance.

As Megahairtrans, we use Mega Pro Plus DHI Organic Hair Transplant technology in 2024. To explain this, we support the infrastructure of our work with FUE and implement it by using the Choi pens. We plant with Choi pens and DHI in two sections with the upper structure of the application whose infrastructure is FUE and we call Direct Hair Implanter.

Mega Pro Plus DHI Organic Hair Transplant

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) technique has been applied for many years, for an average of 15 years, as a technique for removing tissues from the nape region. FUE is a hair tissue collection technique. Hair tissues are collected with the FUE technique. It is not possible to implement the DHI technique without FUE. The technique of implanting the collected tissues under the skin is the application of injecting it with DHI (Choi Pens) without opening any grooves.

Mega Pro Plus DHI Organic Hair Transplantation in Turkey has more advantages than the grooving techniques.

The Advantages Of Mega Pro Plus DHI Organic Hair Transplantation

  1. Our first advantage is that areas that already has hair be transplanted with new hair and that there is no need for shaving.
  2. It can be applied on very small and very large areas without hair.
  3. It is very advantageous for women since no haircut is required.
  4. Since no haircut is required, it is possible to return to social life immediately.
  5. With Mega Pro Plus DHI Organic Hair Transplantation applied by Mega Hairtrans, transplantation can be done with any number of tissue pieces requested.
  6. With the Mega Pro Plus DHI Organic Hair Transplant technique, 5000 tissue piece transplantation in the FUE channel opening system can be performed.
  7. With Mega Pro Plus DHI Organic Hair Transplantation in 1 Session, when 5000 tissue pieces are transplanted, moderate hair openings can be covered.
  8. There is no bleeding since there is no grooving.
  9. There is no swelling since there is no bleeding.
  10. There is no feeling of pain. You can return to work quickly with easy recovery.
  11. You can swim in the sea or the pool just two days after the operation.
  12. Haircare is easy. There is only slight crusting.
  13. The care performed in 15 days in the FUE canal system can be completed with Mega Pro Plus DHI Organic Hair Transplantation in just 3 days.
  14. Since organic tissues are transplanted with fat cells, there is very little hair loss after the operation. Hair Loss is minimized.
  15. There is no scar since there is no trauma to the skin. It is not possible to discern a hair implantation was done. It gives a natural look.

We, as Megahairtrans, support your hair care with vitamins. We strengthen your hair by applying PRP in every hair transplant. With both technically and with applications after Hair Transplantation we are starting a new era in hair transplantation by applying our Mega Pro Plus DHI Organic Hair Transplantation technique in Turkey, which is the cutting edge technology in hair transplantation. This technique has emerged as the success of our 25 years of hair transplant experience and the professional training we received in Switzerland.

FUE Hair Transplantation  

Hair Transplantation with the Motorized FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) Method: The technique of extracting follicles by entering into the scalp in a way that the follicle is located in the center and is not damaged in any way via rotating hollow tips (punch) of 0.6-0.8 mm attached to a special motor without using surgical blades is called motorized FUE. Since the tips of the motor are very thin (less than 1 mm), bleeding will not occur at the site from where the hair follicle is taken, no stitching is required.

Follicles are harvested from the nape of neck where the hair follicles have non-hair shedding characteristic by entering under the skin and extracting them with motor. The extracted follicles are collected from the nape by special forceps. The follicles collected from the nape, or other parts of the body (beard and chest), are separated in singly, in pairs, or multiply. Single follicle grafts (piece) are used for the frontal hairline, double ones are used for densification, triple and multiple ones are used among the hair for densification. This is the golden rule. Triple and multiple grafts are never transplanted to the frontal hairline. It is necessary to transplantation single follicles to the frontal hairline for a natural look.

In one session, an average of 10,000 - 15,000 strands, i.e. 3000-4000 grafts, are harvested. This number means that a moderate hair loss can be covered in a session. If necessary, the operation can continue the next day and more hair can be transplanted. Hair follicles are collected in special sterile lotions under cold chain conditions so as to preserve the liveliness and when this process is finished, a new hairline is drawn, or the area that will be transplanted, is determined. All described operations are performed painlessly with local anesthesia. Channels are opened to the regions that will be transplanted with Mega

HairTrans's special tips, Sapphire Blade Glass Tips (Antiallergic), and scars, called thin slits, are opened around the channels to transplantation more hair. hair follicles are put as seeds to all these opened channels. This technique has enabled us to make a more abundant and natural looking hair transplantation. We call this Mega Sapphire Blade FUE Technique.

Gülten Ünverenis the founder of Mega HairTrans. She is currently working as General Director at Mega HairTrans. For more detailed information, hair analysis and special information, you can get information from Gülten Ünveren. 


FUE - DHI Hair Transplantation

Grafts, i.e. tissue pieces, extracted with Follicle Unit Extraction (FUE); Direct injection of follicles into the skin with specially designed pens is called Direct Hair Implanter. The pens enter into the skin, leave the follicles and come out. Besides, there is no need to open a channel. There is no bleeding and no scars, and no pain is felt since it is done under local anesthesia. This operation requires more specialists. FUE - DHI Hair Transplantation requires a team of 6 people. Because there is no bleeding, there are no incisions in the area of transplantation, and the follicles are injected directly under the skin, and the operation is carried out only by highly experienced specialists, the DHI method cannot be applied at every hair transplantation center. Mega HairTrans has been applying the DHI Hair Transplantation method for many years.

What is Organic Hair Transplantation?

The vascularity and blood levels under the skin of hairless areas will reduce after a long time. They become like barren and dry soil. The skin exposed to external factors such as wind and sun gets dried and the natural structure of the epidermis layer, which we call under the skin (subcutaneous), in which the follicles live, deteriorates. Therefore, it is necessary to repair and care for the skin, which has been hairless for a long time and has got completely bald, and the subcutaneous before hair transplantation.

The operation of extracting one's own fat cells and processing them specially and nourishing subcutaneous with a special injection method before putting hair follicles under the skin is called organic hair transplantation. This operation is done in the operating theater in the cases where the surgeon prefers this. Generally fats taken from the abdominal region are used. It is necessary to filter the fat cells and to separate them to the follicle cells that will be used at the same time and to transfer the fat cells together with the blood vessels under the skin at the same time. This process has the same meaning as tilling and fertilizing land and making soil suitable for cultivation before sowing.

After it becomes suitable for transplantation, the channels are opened with the same FUE method [and] transplantation is performed with pens with DHI. The vitality of the cells increase when transplanted under a rich skin and the success of transplantation rises. The aim of organic hair transplantation is to improve the quality of the vitality of the follicles. It is not an appropriate method in every case. It is applied to the skins that have special baldness and skin problems. It is not appropriate to apply organic hair transplantation to every hairless area to charge high prices. Organic hair transplantation requires special case selection. You can get an instant price by sending your hairless photos via WhatsApp.

Unshaven Hair Transplantation

The method called unshaven method in hair transplantation with FUE technique is the shaving of only the region of the nape from where follicles will be extracted and the leaving of other regions long haired. The nape is shaved in the form of a window for the follicles to be taken from the nape region. It is usually done for those who need fewer grafts. If 1500 grafts are to be transplanted, all the hair will not be cut, a window will be opened on the nape and the tissue will be taken and transplanted among the long hair, or to the hairless region.

It is preferred if less tissue will be transplanted. It is very suitable for those who have long hair that do not want to have their hair cut, for women and for the DHI method. It is not preferable in cases where a high number of transplantation is required such as 4000 pieces. It is applied on people that have small hair loss. Your hair transplantation specialist should guide you. For further information, you can contact Gülten Ünveren via WhatsApp.

Prices of Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation prices are customer specific. They should be determined according to the needs of the person. The number of hours worked and the number of physicians on the team vary, for example, for the transplantation of 2000 Grafts or 4000 Grafts to someone. The fact that determines the price of hair transplantation is that who will perform the hair transplantation. A team consisting of experienced hair transplantation specialists and physicians performs hair transplantation.

The Mega HairTrans Hair Transplantation Team consists of 2 doctors, 1 hair transplantation specialist and 1 assistant for each case. A team of 4 health professionals can transplantation 4000 pieces in 8 hours. If your need is less than 4000, this may decrease to 6 hours. In order to determine the price of hair transplantation, we kindly ask you to send your photos taken from the front, side, top and nape. Our specialist will do the hair analysis within the shortest time and tell you the number of grafts you need.

Depending on the number of grafts and your needs after hair transplantation, a price including also your accommodation and transfer will be given. You can get an instant price by sending your hairless photos via WhatsApp.


Frequently Asked Questions

In live hair transplantation your hair grows every month after transplantation. The extension period you see on your skin as extended is 6 to 12 months.

Before transplantation, all your hair is shortened to grade one haircut.

To harvest tissue from the nape region, we use tips called punches with a diameter of 0.7 mm. We need to cut your hair on the nape to one cm short so that these punches can extract hair follicles from inside the skin and your hair can be transplanted with the FUE technique. The nape and all your hair are shortened to grade one haircut.

The follicles do not grow back again as hair in the region where follicles are taken from. Therefore, the fruitfulness of the nape region is very important in hair transplantation. Existing hairs cover the areas where tissue was taken from and no scar is left.

As a result of the operations performed with the FUE method, your hair gets a completely natural look. This naturalness is provided by the fact that the follicles that have been taken belong to the person him or herself. Hair color is in the color and character of your hair. There are no foreign substance, reaction or side effects.

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