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Norwood Scale of Hair Transplantation

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Norwood Scale of Hair Transplantation

Norwood 1: Young hairline. Usually there is no need for hair transplantation. However, transplantation may be performed remaining within the boundaries of the hairline if there is only a sparseness. Because of the risk of continuation of shedding in young people, it is more appropriate to administer medication instead of hair transplantation. For the middle age and above, transplantation can be performed for the purpose of hair densification.

Norwood 2-2a: The first phase of baldness. The frontal hairline has receded until the midline without leaving an islet in the middle. Mature hairline: Deep recession that leaves both temple sides hairless or with very little hair. This image contains minimum hair shedding that can be considered as baldness. For this shedding which comprises the shedding on the corners, a transplanting procedure in the range of 4000 hair follicles can be done.

Vertex 3: Depending on the size of the area that is shed, a transplanting procedure in the range of 5000 hair follicles can be done.

Norwood 4: The recession is more pronounced in front temples, the hairless area on the top is wider. The hairless region on the front is separated from the top by only a thin strip of hair. Here, the amount to be transplanted may vary between (6000 hair follicles).

Norwood 4 a: Transplantation may be performed in the range of (6000 hair follicles).

Norwood 5: Hairless areas on the front and on the top have expanded. The hairy strip between this two regions has become so thin that it has almost disappeared, or it has been thinned. 7000 hair follicles can be transplanted.

Norwood 5 a: Hairless areas on the front and on the top are further enlarged and united. 2800-3500 grafts (8000 hair follicles) can be transplanted. The amount to be transplanted varies depending on the density of the donor area.

Norwood 6-7: A thin hair ring in the shape of a horseshoe; the hairline has receded until the back. There is thinning on the back and sides that are still hairy. Transplanting can be performed in the range of 10,000 hair follicles.

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