Naturalness After Hair Transplantation

Hair loss can become a significant problem for people with sparse hair. Genetic diseases and characteristics, high stress, unhealthy diet, hormonal changes and advancing age may be the main reasons for hair loss. The solution to this problem is quite simple. With changing technology, it is easier to grow hair and have a beautiful appearance.

Factors Affecting the Results of Hair Transplantation

If you want your hair to have a natural appearance, you should follow the recommendations of the hair transplant specialist exactly. Otherwise, you will have a natural hair structure that does not yield the results you expect. Hair transplantation is not an operation completed only by transplanting the hair. All procedures performed before and after hair transplantation contribute to the increase in the success rate of hair transplantation.


The location of hair transplantation is one of the most important factors that change the result of hair transplantation. Choosing a professional team and a quality outpatient clinic directly affects the success rate of the procedure.


Method Used

There are many different techniques for FUT and FUE transplantation. The FUT method removes hair follicles by drawing a strip from the donor area. In the FUE technique, hair follicles are removed one by one and transplanted. FUE technique is more preferred than other methods.


Donor Site Selection

The area where the hair follicles of the person to be transplanted is taken is selected as the donor area for hair transplantation. The success of the result is directly related to the density of the hair in this area.


Care After Hair Transplantation

Proper hair care results in hair treatment with successful results. You must strictly follow all warnings and information given to you after hair transplantation. Otherwise, the success rate of your hair will be directly negatively affected. The guidance given by the hair transplant specialist is the main factor for you to have healthy hair for years to come.


Habits Before Hair Transplantation

It is recommended that you restrict yourself from smoking one week before the hair transplantation operation and quit smoking when the treatment period approaches. Otherwise, smoking will negatively affect the healing process. As mentioned a week ago, we provided information about cigarette consumption. At the same time, alcoholic beverages, coffee, tea and similar caffeine-containing drinks should be paused for a while and stopped before treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

In live hair transplantation your hair grows every month after transplantation. The extension period you see on your skin as extended is 6 to 12 months.

Before transplantation, all your hair is shortened to grade one haircut.

To harvest tissue from the nape region, we use tips called punches with a diameter of 0.7 mm. We need to cut your hair on the nape to one cm short so that these punches can extract hair follicles from inside the skin and your hair can be transplanted with the FUE technique. The nape and all your hair are shortened to grade one haircut.

The follicles do not grow back again as hair in the region where follicles are taken from. Therefore, the fruitfulness of the nape region is very important in hair transplantation. Existing hairs cover the areas where tissue was taken from and no scar is left.

As a result of the operations performed with the FUE method, your hair gets a completely natural look. This naturalness is provided by the fact that the follicles that have been taken belong to the person him or herself. Hair color is in the color and character of your hair. There are no foreign substance, reaction or side effects.

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