It is the hairline on our head that provides the width of each person's forehead and the aesthetic appearance of the face. Hairline loss occurs in people with hair loss. The forehead and face of the person whose hairline disappears will have a wide forehead appearance. With hair transplantation, we restore your hairline aesthetically.

The Importance of Hairline in Hair Transplantation

Since Megahairtrans employees have received special facial aesthetics training for the hairline, they redesign your facial aesthetics and restore the hairline that makes your face look most beautiful by adding hair.


Shaping the Front Hairline in Hair Transplantation

Hairline varies between people. Therefore, special study is required on how the front hairline can be designed for hair transplantation. Each patient's face and head shape is unique, like a fingerprint. Therefore, there is no standard mode of operation. In hair transplantation, the hairline design must be created specifically for each patient. The patient's head structure, age and face shape cause the design to change.

To design the hairline in hair transplantation, the vertical rising area above the forehead area, the lowest border on the transition to the horizontal area at the top, and the slope corresponding to the middle of the two eyebrows are determined. Foreheadline hair transplantation can be performed after determining these areas.

The patient's natural hairline transplantation area is the 45th degree between the forehead and scalp of the face and scalp. Frontal hair transplantation can be placed a little further forward or a little further back, with approval, depending on the person's age and face shape.

When determining the hair transplantation forehead line, keep in mind that the patient's head may form an inverted V shape when viewed from above. The direction of the opened channels is very important to create a correct hairline in hair transplantation.

Frequently Asked Questions

In live hair transplantation your hair grows every month after transplantation. The extension period you see on your skin as extended is 6 to 12 months.

Before transplantation, all your hair is shortened to grade one haircut.

To harvest tissue from the nape region, we use tips called punches with a diameter of 0.7 mm. We need to cut your hair on the nape to one cm short so that these punches can extract hair follicles from inside the skin and your hair can be transplanted with the FUE technique. The nape and all your hair are shortened to grade one haircut.

The follicles do not grow back again as hair in the region where follicles are taken from. Therefore, the fruitfulness of the nape region is very important in hair transplantation. Existing hairs cover the areas where tissue was taken from and no scar is left.

As a result of the operations performed with the FUE method, your hair gets a completely natural look. This naturalness is provided by the fact that the follicles that have been taken belong to the person him or herself. Hair color is in the color and character of your hair. There are no foreign substance, reaction or side effects.

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