Before Hair Transplantation

The first hair transplant examination is very important for planning the procedure before hair transplantation. To achieve a successful result after the procedure, the direction of hair follicle growth must be determined correctly, the line for hair transplantation must be selected and the forehead line must be created correctly. Patients have certain criteria after hair transplantation and before the operation. Information from the environment would be more appropriate rather than information from an expert.

Things That Need To Be Done Before Hair Transplantation

2 days before the hair transplantation operation:


Do not use lotions that will affect hair and scalp before the operation.

Be sure to tell your doctor about your chronic illnesses, such as HEART, BLOOD PRESSURE, DIABETES, STOMACH DISCOMFORT, and the names of your regular medications.

Sleep for at least 8 hours at the night before the operation. Wash your hair before coming to the clinic on the day of the operation. Come to the clinic with a dress that you can put on and take off comfortably. Do not cut your hair on the nape of your neck. Be sure to have breakfast before you come. Bring a hat.

In this article, we will give comprehensive information about what to do before hair transplantation. We will give details about drug use, alcohol and cigarette use, hair cleaning, nutrition and not applying chemicals to the hair.

Examination and Planning Before Hair Transplantation

The first thing to do before the hair transplantation operation is to examine and share the results of this hair transplantation analysis. The purpose of the first hair examination before hair transplantation is to determine the reasons and needs of the patient for hair loss.

The first examination begins with a comprehensive introduction that includes the patient's age, long-term illnesses, medications used, smoking and alcohol use, allergies, and hair loss history. After the first hair examination, whether the patient is suitable for hair transplantation, how many grafts he needs and the hair transplantation plan are very important. After all the patient's information is examined, the appropriate treatment is planned and implemented.

Use of Medication Before Hair Transplantation

It is also necessary to use medication before hair transplantation to obtain positive results in the operation. The patient should inform his doctor before hair transplantation. He/she should be informed about the medications he/she uses due to long-term or acute illness. Medicines that prevent clotting (such as heparin, aspirin) should not be used one week before the procedure. The instructions recommended by the doctor should be always followed.

The patient's alcohol and cigarette addiction must definitely end one week before the operation. If it is not possible to cancel it, it is recommended to use it at a minimum level and reduce it. Alcohol and smoking will prolong the post-operative recovery process.

Hair Cleaning Before Hair Transplantation

You need to clean your hair before hair transplantation. It is recommended to wash the hair cleanly before starting the process and not to use styling products such as gel or spray. The medicine should not be used one month after applying lotion to the hair.

Nutrition Before Hair Transplantation

Never consume drinks containing caffeine and coffee before hair transplantation. In addition to coffee and caffeine-containing drinks, it is recommended to take a break from green tea for a while. The patient's diet is very important during the hair transplantation procedure. Therefore, if the operation will be performed before noon, the patient should have breakfast or have a light lunch if the operation will be performed in the afternoon.

Avoid Applying Chemicals to Hair

Applying known chemicals to the hair should be avoided before hair transplantation. Lotion and medication should not be applied to the hair one month before the operation. Do not wash your hair with shampoo before hair transplantation the procedure. Learn everything you should or should not use by talking to experts.


Frequently Asked Questions

In live hair transplantation your hair grows every month after transplantation. The extension period you see on your skin as extended is 6 to 12 months.

Before transplantation, all your hair is shortened to grade one haircut.

To harvest tissue from the nape region, we use tips called punches with a diameter of 0.7 mm. We need to cut your hair on the nape to one cm short so that these punches can extract hair follicles from inside the skin and your hair can be transplanted with the FUE technique. The nape and all your hair are shortened to grade one haircut.

The follicles do not grow back again as hair in the region where follicles are taken from. Therefore, the fruitfulness of the nape region is very important in hair transplantation. Existing hairs cover the areas where tissue was taken from and no scar is left.

As a result of the operations performed with the FUE method, your hair gets a completely natural look. This naturalness is provided by the fact that the follicles that have been taken belong to the person him or herself. Hair color is in the color and character of your hair. There are no foreign substance, reaction or side effects.

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