Hair Loss Treatments


While women experience 2% more hair loss, hair loss is more common in men. It is normal to lose 100-150 strands of hair in a day. Further hair loss should be taken into account. Hair loss treatments can reduce the amount of shedding.

Hair Loss Treatments: PRP, mesotherapy, and hair transplantation are among the hair loss treatments.

Hair Loss Treatment

The rate of hair loss in men is over 90%. Hereditary transmission is the most important reason. Other causes of hair loss include a stressful lifestyle and sudden, severe psychological trauma. Hair loss in men typically occurs in old age, but can begin as early as age 25. Nowadays, the hair loss process is slowed down by many different methods. Baldness problems can be easily solved thanks to the remaining hair in the side and nape area.

Prp and mesotherapy are used in male hair loss treatments.


One treatment method for hair loss is the PRP process. It is applied when hair loss begins to appear seriously. Rejuvenating the skin tissue in the patient's hair area prevents hair loss. When the plasma produced using the patient's blood is injected into the skin tissue, the skin is rejuvenated and its self-renewal capacity is increased. After the sessions, the patient can return to his normal life because there is no scar left since no incision is made. Since the plasma is made from the patient's blood, no allergy development has been observed. It is an application with fast, convenient and effective results.

The most important feature of PRP hair treatment is that the application is carried out by relevant experts. Before PRP, blood is collected from the patient into sterile tubes and placed in a centrifuge. It separates the components that makeup itself. This process takes five to ten minutes and a plasma fraction rich in platelets and growth factors is obtained. PPR application is completed by injecting plasma under the skin using special needles. PRP treatment is applied in fifteen to 10 sessions depending on the patient's needs and repeated every 15 days.


Rejuvenation of the scalp affects the hair over time. 3. Effects seen after application: thickening of hair and reduction in hair loss. The effect of PRP is seen between six and eight months. If it is to be completely controlled, shedding should be done once or twice a year.

Hair loss treatments include hair transplantation, prp and mesotherapy.

Hygiene is the most important point in both plasma creation and application stages of PRP. Since the plasma used for skin rejuvenation is produced from the patient's own blood, it does not have an allergic effect. Prp is not applied to people with a history of blood disease or cancer. It should not be done during breastfeeding and pregnancy.

Prp does not grow hair. It increases hair thickness, improves its quality and most importantly normalizes hair loss.

Applying needles to the hair may cause bleeding and redness. These effects disappear in a short time and do not leave a permanent scar. After PRP, painkillers can be used in some patients. After the application, the patient may feel that his/her hair is falling out more. This situation is temporary. The effects will be clearly visible, especially after the third application. Do not wash your hair on the first day after the session and stay away from sunlight.


This depends on the patient's genetic characteristics and habits such as stress, alcohol and smoking. In general, the hair that will fall out in 1-2 years will fall out in 8-10 years. Prp is used to prevent hair loss and improve existing hair quality.

In PRP application, plasma is injected under the skin with a needle. These needles are not felt by the patient, using an anesthetic solution.

This can be applied to all healthy people, including those with cancer and blood diseases, pregnant women and breastfeeding women. Blood thinners should be discontinued before administration.

Hair Mesotherapy for Hair Loss (Prp Method) While Prp is applied as plasma, a mixture of procaine, vitamins, minoxidil, minerals and organic silicea is injected into the scalp as mesotherapy. Thus, hair follicles are strengthened and their quality increases. Hair loss decreases. The frequency of application of this treatment also increases the success.


Ideal Application Consists of Certain Stages Thermotherapy

Ozonated water vapor is applied to your hair for fifteen minutes. Therefore, subcutaneous drug injection is easier.



Controlled bleeding is achieved by applying a syringe to the skin without medication. Subcutaneous blood is now excreted and the tissue becomes ready for the medicine.



Applying a drug mixture under the skin



After the injection, the skin is washed with a special solution. Cure application: It is an anesthetic solution applied to the skin to reduce the burning and painful sensation that may be felt after injector application. It accelerates the healing process.

The oil cure protects the skin against external influences for five to six hours.

Depending on the patient's characteristics and hair loss rate, the amount of hair mesotherapy may vary. It is normally applied in four sessions once a week.

An interval of at least three and at most ten days should be left between sessions. It should be applied every year, especially during seasonal transitions, to completely prevent hair loss. Hair mesotherapy has no proven side effects.


Frequently Asked Questions

In live hair transplantation your hair grows every month after transplantation. The extension period you see on your skin as extended is 6 to 12 months.

Before transplantation, all your hair is shortened to grade one haircut.

To harvest tissue from the nape region, we use tips called punches with a diameter of 0.7 mm. We need to cut your hair on the nape to one cm short so that these punches can extract hair follicles from inside the skin and your hair can be transplanted with the FUE technique. The nape and all your hair are shortened to grade one haircut.

The follicles do not grow back again as hair in the region where follicles are taken from. Therefore, the fruitfulness of the nape region is very important in hair transplantation. Existing hairs cover the areas where tissue was taken from and no scar is left.

As a result of the operations performed with the FUE method, your hair gets a completely natural look. This naturalness is provided by the fact that the follicles that have been taken belong to the person him or herself. Hair color is in the color and character of your hair. There are no foreign substance, reaction or side effects.

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